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Personal Home Page - Eleonora Matteazzi

Curriculum Vitae
PhD Student at the University of Verona and at the University of Cergy-Pontoise
Federico Perali, Olivier Donni
Dissertation Proposal
download here
Academic Year: I
In this work, I compare the traditional farm-household models and the more recent collective models. I present a farm-household collective general equilibrium model and I show the results of two micro simulations regarding, respectively, a change in off farm wage both for husband and for wife and a change in the intra-household distribution of power.  download here

Academic Year: II
The present paper develops a theoretical model of labor supply with domestic production. It is shown that the structural components of the model can be identified without a distribution factor, thereby generalizing the initial results of Apps and Rees (1997) and Chiappori (1997). The theoretical model is then estimated using the ATUS data. The empirical results are compared to those obtained from a similar model without domestic production.
Academic Year: III
The paper develops a theoretical model of labor supply with domestic
production and public goods. The objective is to deal simultaneously
with these two aspects and thus consider a good that is both produced
and publicly consumed by household members. This good is
the quality and quantity of children. We focus on the way the cost of
children is shared between parents. The cost of children is made both
of time and money, including all goods and time bought at market
prices for children and the value of parental time devoted to children.
The model is illustrated by an empirical application using French time
use data.
Microeconomics I (Prof. A. Zago, Prof. F. Perali)
Macroeconomics I (Prof. G.P. Cipriani)
Mathematics for Finance (Prof. M. Grasselli)
Finance I (Prof. A. Gamba)
Econometrics I (Prof. D. Lubian)
Mathematics for Economics (Prof. L. Pellegrini, Prof. A. Roveda)
Finance II (Prof. A. Berardi)
Econometrics II (Prof. R. Miniaci)
Microeconomics II (Prof. F. Perali)
Macroeconomics II (Prof. M. Makris, Prof. E. Cannon)
Advanced microeconomics (Prof. G. Desgranges)
Advanced Macroeconomics (Prof. M. Carré)
Monetary Economics (Prof. A. Bénassy Quéré)
Applied General Equilibrium (Prof. J. Mercenier)
Public Economics (Prof. R. Renault, Prof. Donni)
Markets and Networks (Prof. R. Renault, Prof. A. de Palma)
Game Theory (Prof. F. Koessler)
Panel Data (Prof. P. Van Nguyen)
Limited Dependent Variable and Duration Models (Prof. N. Picard)
Fields of interest
Farm-household general equilibrium model
Collective model
Household production
Child labor
Labor participation
Summer Schools
“Residential School of Econometrics for Ph.D Students,” CIDE - University of Bologna – Italy, 5 - 17 september 2005.

Summer school: “Inequality, poverty and development: the role of markets and institutions”– University of Verona – Italy, Juin 2006

Winter school: “Risk, inequality and social welfare”– University of Verona – Italy, January 2007
Work in progress
Estimation of a Collective Model with Household Production and Non-participation
Estimation of a Household General Equilibrium Model within a Collective Approach
The Collective Farm Household: Theory and Calibration of an Equilibrium Model
Collective Model with Children: Public Goods and Household Production
Author: Eleonora Matteazzi (Date: 2007-10-22)
Institution: SPERA and Faculty of Economics-University of Pavia
Co-Authors: Martina Menon, Federico Perali
In view of the relevance of quantitative modelling for policy analysis, the seminar intends to investigate the potentials and challenges of the General Equilibrium framework to provide useful information to the scientific community and policy makers, particularly, in relation to the agrifood systems and rural development in both developed and developing countries.
Donni O. and Matteazzi E. (2010) “On the Importance of Household Production in Collective Models : Evidence from U.S. Data”, IZA DP No. 4944.

Magnani R., Matteazzi E., Perali F. (2007) “Microsimulation and Macroeconomic Analysis: An Integrated Approach. An Application for Evaluating Reforms in the Italian Agricultural Sector” in “Microsimulation as a Tool for Evaluation of Public Policies. Methods and Applications”. Amedeo Spadaro (Ed.), Fundacion BBVA, Bilbao. ISBN 978-84-96515-17-8.

Montresor, E., Perali, F., Pecci, F., Sassi, M., Salvioni, C., Bettocchi, A., Bonetti, M., Lovo, S., Magnani, R., Matteazzi, E. (2007) “A general Equilibrium Analysis of Agricultural Reform at the Regional Economy and Household Level: the Italian Case” in “Examination of the Socio-Economic Effect of Decoupling on Structural Change at Farm and Regional Level”. Deliverables D9 for Project n° 502184 GENEDEC 2004-2007 STREP under FP6: “A Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of the Socio-Economic and Environmental Impacts of Decoupling of Direct Payments on Agricultural Production, Markets and Land Use in the EU”.

Magnani R., Matteazzi E., e Perali F. (2006) “Laboratorio di politica Economica. Benessere, Equilibrio Generale e Sviluppo Economico”.

S. Corradin, E. Matteazzi, F. Perali and L. Piccoli (2005) “Laboratorio di Politica Economica. Benessere, Equilibrio Generale e Crescita Economica”.
PRIN 2006 – n°132051: "L'impatto delle politiche micro e macroeconomiche sulla povertà e sulla disuguaglianza: un programma di ricerca"
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