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Description of the Program

A doctoral degree requires the satisfactory completion of an approved program of advanced study and original research of high quality. This section provides a brief description of the requirements for the Ph.D. in Economics and Finance at the University of Verona. The Program director and faculty advisors work closely with graduate students to ensure that they meet the Department's specific degree requirements.

The doctoral program structures the core course work in the first year. Core courses are designed to give the core analytic tools of the profession (microeconomics, macroeconomics, finance and quantitative methods).  Participants are also required to attend a series of seminars and research workshops organized by the Department, covering topics that are at the cutting edge of recent developments in many different areas of economics and finance. The teaching staff includes also visiting professors from foreign universities, sometimes within specific exchange agreements with the University.

Courses and seminars attendance is compulsory. Extended and unjustified non-attendance can lead to the exclusion from the Doctoral Program.  Doctoral students are required to successfully complete the core courses in the  first year. Failure is allowed in at most three exams during courses. If more than three exams are not passed at the first attempt, students are excluded from the Doctoral Program. Students can repeat the examination(s) in September, where all exams must be passed. 

In the second and third year, students are expected to acquire further knowledge in their research fields and work on their doctoral dissertation. At this stage students are encouraged to attend field courses and/or conduct part of their dissertation research at leading foreign universities. Co-tutorship with partners universities is also encouraged. Participation in international workshops and conferences is recommended and financially supported.

The PhD Program should be completed in three years. Extensions may be allowed, but no scholarship is provided during the extension period.



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