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New procedure (GIA2)

This is the procedure you have to follow to reset your password:
Go to the following link https://gia.univr.it/identity/ 
clic on the "Forgot Password" link
insert your user name
insert the chosen password twice
choose "via e-mail"
clic on "Invia"
A PIN will be sent to your private email (inserted formerly in the system by yourself or our staff)
Insert this PIN to complete the procedure
See also (in Italian): pdf indicazioni recupero password
In case you don't remember your username, you can get it in the following way: 
Go to the following link https://gia.univr.it/identity/  
clic on the "Forgot Login User" link
insert your private email (inserted formerly in the system by yourself or our staff)
clic on "Invia"

Old GIA 

See official instructions in italian here. For graduate students see official instructions here

If the reason you are blocked is one of the two following, first ask the IT staff to enable/unblock your password. Then follow the instructions below.

  • in some cases, when you did not change the password in time (and therefore the password was disabled - yellow or red line) the first procedure below does not work. So it may be necessary  to disable/re-enable your account before re-trying
  • or because you didn't remember the password and tried to insert it more than 10 times without success (password blocked - yellow lock). In this case only GIA is blocked and you will still be able to access the other platforms if you insert the correct password at last. 

 Go to the following link https://gia.univr.it/idm/user/anonlogin.jsp

  • insert your GIA username (for example rtrmhl68, its like the beginning of your italian fiscal code)
  • Click on "Salva"

1- If you saved your private email in GIA

  • Click on "Password dimenticata via email privata". You will get a temporary password. Please take note of it and proceed.
  • You will get an email with a confirmation link on your private email account. Attention: It is quite frequent that the email arrives only 2-3 hours later or ends up in your spam. It seems the delay is even higher if you do the procedure in the evening.
  • Once you clicked on the confirmation link, wait for the page to appear (takes some time), press "Avanti", then "Fine".
  • You should then get a further email on your private email account, telling the password change was successful. Attention: also this email could arrive with a great time delay or end up in your spam
  • If the first email should never arrive, proceed with point 2- below.
  • Sometimes the second email tells there was an error. Retry again later on or proceed with point 2-
  • If the second email should not arrive after 1 day, try if the temporary password works. If it is not the case proceed with point 2-. 
  • Beware that if the second email arrives later on it may overwrite passwords set in the meantime.
See also pdf manual with screenshots (in Italian) from the colleagues of the humanistic area.

2- If you did not save your private email in GIA

  • Click on "Password dimenticata o per nuovo account".
  • Insert your contact data (phone number and alternative email), click on "Avanti"
  • Print the two following pages for each page click on "stampa", print the page, then click on "Conferma" the first time, on "Fine" the second time
  • Click on "Esci" at the top of the site
  • One page contains your temporary password, keep it
  • Write your ID card number on the other page and sign it, give it to the IT staff or send a scanned copy
  • Also show your ID card or send a scanned copy
  • The IT staff will then approve the password reset

Save your private email in GIA

This allows you to reset the password by yourself, which makes it simpler and quicker.

  • login to GIA
  • Click on "Cambia attributi altri account "
  • Insert the email in the field "Indirizzo email privato"
  • Click on "Salva" below
  • Click on "Ok"
  • Click on "Esci" at the top of the site

Change the password to the one of your choice

  • Remember the new password should have at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number (and possibly one special character). Do not use the special character * (asterisk).
  • login to GIA
  • Click on "Cambia password"
  • Click on "Esci" at the top of the site

Determine when password expires

  •  login to GIA
  • click on "Cambia attributi altri account "
  • at the bottom of the page you see something like
    Scadenza password   04/03/17 23:59:59 CEST 
    This means the password expires April 3rd 2017 at 23:59 italian time

Technical details for maintainers

meaning of column with main authorization (user list) 

PROBAS-NULL : credentials expired 

PROBAS-UTE-PER-GRA : credentials expired for all systems except email

PROBAS-UTE-PER-ACN : active user


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