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1- How to access it? 

There are two accesses provided by the university: UNIVAIR-OPEN and UNIVAIR-WPA2.
You access both with the GIA credentials.
Connect to UNIVAIR-OPEN, then open a browser window, which will ask you for the credentials. After logging in you can use the internet.
Connect to UNIVAIR-WPA2 which will ask for the credentials immediately. After logging in, you can use the internet.
See Documentation about wifi. Details on how to access. If it does not work: troubleshooting.

There is also EduRoam, that allows you to connect to a lot of European universities with your university credentials.
Connect to eduroam which will ask for the credentials immediately. Log in with This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it (where GIA is your GIA username) and your GIA password.
See university documentation. See Eduroam documentation. See where you can connect to Eduroam.
You may use the following software which helps you to connect: https://cat.eduroam.org, click install, select "scarica il tuo programm" and then "Università degli Studi di Verona" in the window that appears on the right.  

Thanks to the cooperation with Verona Wi-Fi (the city of Verona wifi), you can access the wifi with your university of Verona credentials
in the whole city of Verona (piazza Bra', hospital, ...) and in the following towns: Zevio, San Giovanni Lupatoto, Peschiera del Garda, Sommacampagna, San Martino Buon Albergo, ... 
See university documentation (or intranet documentation). See where you can connect in Verona and in the world.
See how you can register to Verona Wi-Fi if you do not have University of Verona credentials.
To connect: connect to Guiglielmo, accedi con credenziali ateneo di Verona, public network.

2- Troubleshooting

Windows 7

you may have to configure manually the connection, similar to how described in the Windows XP documentation.
See the instructions below (sorry if it is in italian by now):
apri centro connessioni, gestisci reti wireless, crea manualmente,
tipo=WPA2-Enterprise (o uno dei WPA2)
avvia automaticamente=No
clicca su "cambia impostazioni" PEAP (Protected PEAP),
memorizza credenziali = No
1) pulsante "Impostazioni":
mettere spunta UTN-UserFirst-Hardware,
Password protetta (EAP-MSCHAP v2),
pulsante "configura", togliere spunta “utilizza automaticamente nome utente Windows” (IMPORTANTE!!!)
2) pulsante "impostazioni avanzate":
specificare modalità autentificazione = Y
scegli = autenticazione utente o macchina

When you connect to Eduroam and it asks the credentials, insert username =  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , password = myGIApassword

Windows phone

To access the wifi (WPA2 for example) use the following configuration: select WPA2, connect, insert GIAuser, insert GIApw, choose: no certificate  

3- How to request wifi access for conference participants

First of all consider

that participants of Verona and other universities may use the Eduroam network.
The other participants may use the Verona Wi-Fi, here are pdf Instructions to connect to the Verona Wi-Fi written by Alessandro Gnoatto.

If you prefer to create official University of Verona accesses  

See official description of what is to do.

Go to ServiceDesk, insert a request choosing the type 04_-_PROBLEMA SOFTWARE > Applicativi di Ateneo > GIA > RICHIESTA ACCOUNT ESTERNI TEMPORANEI GIA > congressisti and specify the short name and year of the conference (for example EWEPA2011).

Your request should then be approved by the secretary (Chiara Bernardi).

When you get a message that the ServiceDesk issue is closed, ask the secretary to forward the list of usernames and password to you.


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