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The previous platform (u-gov ricerca) was dismissed on May 25th 2015. The new platform (IRIS) is active since June 9th 2015. The usage is similar.

It may be useful to register at the italian national teaching staff site (sito docente CINECA) as it is requested for the admission as a researcher / teaching staff in italian universities.
See instructions in the section "sito docente CINECA" below.

For working papers, additional information can be found in the section "Document Working Papers" below.

New platform (IRIS)

See university help.
See CINECA help  o CINECA help2 . Have for instance a look at the "prontuario d'uso" and the video tutorial.

Technical links: IRIS release notes  

Link to acces the public area. Link to access the private area (login with GIA credentials). You will usually use the second one.
If you never used the platform before and are not able to access: ask authorisation to use the platform by writing an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , Tel: 045 802 8357 (ufficio ricerca)

The publications are updated both on the university web page (department publications page or personal page) and on the "sito docente" web page (pagina docente del CINECA).
New publications and publication updates are transferred every 24 hours, cancellations are transferred once a week.
If this is not the case maybe you forgot to set to “Definitivo” or else contact the colleagues at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

For a doctoral thesis follow the instructions at this link (in the section "Ph.D. Thesis defence" click on the document "New procedure for the deposit of doctoral thesis").
Do not forget to upload your thesis in pdf format

To insert a publication

See official guide

  • login to IRIS and insert the GIA credentials (the one you use for the university e-mail)
  • choose: Prodotti, Desktop Prodotti
  • click on the blue button "Nuovo prodotto" on the top left of the page
  • choose the type of publication, for instance:
    • Altro > Rapporti di Ricerca = Working Paper (of Verona)
    • Altro > Rapporti di Ricerca di altri atenei = Working Paper (of other University or institution)
    • Articolo su Rivista = article in a journal
    • Doctoral Thesis
    • Libro = book
  • click on the "Inserimento manuale" button (unless you can find your publication in internet) 
  • Insert the fields: Anno = year, Titolo = title
  • Click on "Effettua il riconoscimento multiplo automatico", insert the authors (for example: I. Andrievskaya, Michael Reiter, Bonfatti Andrea) and click on "Elabora"
  • Add the authors of the university of Verona that were not recognized automatically with "Aggiungi ancora"
  • Click on “Successivo"
  • Insert the following fields (those with * are mandatory):
    • Lingua = choose the language in which the publication is written
    • Rivista = the journal it is published in, click on "Cerca Rivista" and choose with "Seleziona"
    • Da Pagina = page where your article begins
    • A Pagina = page where your article ends
    • Numero di pagine = should be calculated automatically
    • ISBN = necessary for books
    • Parole chiave = at least 3 keywords separated by commas
    • Breve descrizione ... (abstract) = insert the abstract, it should at least have 200 chars (spaces included)
    • ISI-CRUI = usually Economics
    • PubMed = usually No
    • ISI Web of Science = Si if the journal is listed at the following link:  http://www.webofknowledge.com
  • Click on the button “Successivo”
  • On the next page you may upload the publication in pdf format  with “Selezionare un file” but it is not mandatory. If needed choose policy = Open Access.
  • Click twice on “Successivo” and finally on "Concludi"

Document Working Papers

Make sure you inserted the working paper in the department series. See details (in italian)

Choose the type of publication = Altro > Rapporto di Ricerca  

Additionally to the mandatory fields we suggest you fill the following fields: 

  • Dipartimento o istituto di ricerca editore del rapporto : Department of Economics, University of Verona
  • Numero o altra identificazione del rapporto : the one assigned by the department series, for example WP 17/2013
  • Breve descrizione dei contenuti (Abstract) : it's better if you copy the abstract from a Word document, from RePec or from the department site. If you copy it from the pdf you will get useless additional line feeds and changed characters.  
  • Indirizzo web: the one assigned by the department series, for example http://dse.univr.it/home/workingpapers/wp2013n17.pdf
  • allegati: as the link may not show up everywhere (sito docente CINECA, ...), it's safer to also upload the working paper. Upload the version from the department series site, which has the dedicated frontpage (save the file from the above link on your desktop)


The pdf of my publication does not appear on the university web site (or only an old version of the publication)

Check the copyright of the pdf is set to "public"

Sito docente CINECA

Also called "sito MIUR" (Ministero dell'Università e della Ricerca).

Follow the instructions below to get access:

  • register at the site https://loginmiur.cineca.it/ and insert your italian fiscal code (codice fiscale), you will get an e-mail with username and password
  • login, change the password and insert your position and project
  • your publications should be imported automatically every time you insert them in SIA-Ricerca

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