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Department of Economics - University of Verona

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Monte Carlo derivative pricing with partial information in a class of doubly stochastic Poisson processes with marks
Silvia Centanni, Marco Minozzo
22 December 2010, WP 22/2010, Download

A Hierarchical Geostatistical Factor Model for Multivariate Poisson Count Data
Marco Minozzo, Clarissa Ferrari
22 December 2010, WP 21/2010, Download

Breakthrough innovations and welfare: The role of innovators' loss aversion and experience.
Daniela Grieco
21 December 2010, WP 20/2010, Download

Granger non-causality tests between (non)renewable energy consumption and output in Italy since 1861: the (ir)relevance of structural breaks
Andrea Vaona
14 December 2010, WP 19/2010, Download

Multiobjective Lagrangian duality for portfolio optimization with risk measures
Elisa Pagani
07 December 2010, WP 18/2010, Download

Six variations on fair wages and the long-run Phillips curve
Andrea Vaona
22 November 2010, WP 17/2010, Download

Legitimate Punishment, Feedback, and the Enforcement of Cooperation
Marco Faillo, Daniela Grieco, Luca Zarri
03 November 2010, WP 16/2010, Download

Negative variance estimates in panel data models
Laura Magazzini, Giorgio Calzolari
26 October 2010, WP 15/2010, Download

Money illusion and the long-run Phillips curve in staggered wage-setting models
Andrea Vaona
29 September 2010, WP 14/2010, Download

Routinization-Biased Technical Change, Globalization and Labor Market Polarization: Does Theory Fit the Facts?
Jaewon Jung, Jean Mercenier
20 September 2010, WP 13/2010, Download

Intra-national Purchasing Power Parity and Balassa-Samuelson Effects in Italy
Andrea Vaona
27 July 2010, WP 12/2010, Download

Profit rate dynamics, income distribution, structural and technical change in Denmark, Finland and Italy
Andrea Vaona
27 July 2010, WP 11/2010, Download

A global CGE model at the NUTS 1 level for trade policy evaluation
Gabriele Standardi
07 June 2010, WP 10/2010, Download

Inflation and Growth in the Long Run: A New Keynesian Theory and Further Semiparametric Evidence
Andrea Vaona
20 May 2010, WP 9/2010, Download

Rural development policies at regional level in the enlarged EU. The impact on farm structures
Elisa Montresor, Francesco Pecci, Nicola Pontarollo
12 May 2010, WP 8/2010, Download

The evaluation of european structural funds on economic convergence with the application of spatial filtering technique
Elisa Montresor, Francesco Pecci, Nicola Pontarollo
12 May 2010, WP 7/2010, Download

The productivity crisis in pharmaceutical R&D
Fabio Pammolli, Massimo Riccaboni, Laura Magazzini
07 April 2010, WP 6/2010, Download

A remark on 'Decomposition of bivariate inequality indices by attributes' by Abul Naga and Geoffard, Economics Letters 90 (2006), pp. 362-367
Marco Giovanni Brambilla, Eugenio Peluso
26 March 2010, WP 5/2010, Download

Regional Inflation Persistence: Evidence from Italy
Andrea Vaona, Guido Ascari
01 February 2010, WP 4/2010, Download

On the gravitation and convergence of industry incremental rates of return in OECD countries
Andrea Vaona
26 January 2010, WP 3/2010, Download

On the gravitation and convergence of industry profit rates in Denmark, Finland, Italy and the US
Andrea Vaona
26 January 2010, WP 2/2010, Download

Who Bears the Full Costs of Children?
Antonella Caiumi, Federico Perali
08 January 2010, WP 1/2010, Download