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Department of Economics - University of Verona

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Human Learning and Modern Economic growth: What is the Connection?
Gianpaolo Mariutti
31 December 2015, WP 31/2015, Download

Measuring the interaction dimension of segregation: the Gini-Exposure index
Francesco Andreoli, Claudio Zoli
31 December 2015, WP 30/2015, Download

Public policies over the life cycle: a large scale OLG model for France, Italy and Sweden
Alessandro Bucciol, Laura Cavalli, Igor Fedotenkov, Paolo Pertile, Veronica Polin, Nicola Sartor, Alessandro Sommacal
15 November 2015, WP 29/2015, Download

An Integrated Data Base to Measure Living Standards
Elena Dalla Chiara, Martina Menon, Federico Perali
10 November 2015, WP 28/2015, Download

Economic Sovereignty. A Militant Agenda for Russia
Silvana Malle
09 November 2015, WP 27/2015, Download

Il Nuovo Indicatore della Situazione Economica Equivalente: » Una Vera Riforma?
Martina Menon, Federico Perali, Veronica Polin
27 October 2015, WP 26/2015, Download

The structure of Nash equilibria in Poisson games
Claudia Meroni, Carlos Pimienta
19 October 2015, WP 25/2015, Download

Certainty Equivalent: Many Meanings of a Mean
Elisa Pagani
08 June 2015, WP 24/2015, Download

Family Friendly Welfare at the National and Local Level: What Does the State Do for the Family and the Family For the State?
Paola De Agostini, Martina Menon, Federico Perali
05 June 2015, WP 23/2015, Download

Adult Mortality and Modern Growth
Davide Fiaschi, Tamara Fioroni
08 May 2015, WP 22/2015, Download

Positive long-run inflation non-super-neutrality in the Euro area
Andrea Vaona
17 April 2015, WP 20/2015, Download

Some notes on divisibility rules
Alberto Peretti
17 April 2015, WP 19/2015, Download

Who should monitor job sick leave?
Carlo Alberto Biscardo, Alessandro Bucciol, Paolo Pertile
13 April 2015, WP 18/2015, Download

Anomalous empirical evidence on money long-run super-neutrality and the vertical long-run Phillips curve.
Andrea Vaona
10 April 2015, WP 17/2015, Download

Inflation gifts restrictions for structural VARs: evidence from the US
Andrea Vaona
09 April 2015, WP 16/2015, Download

A Method to Measure Standard Costs of Juvenile Justice Systems: the example of Italy
Silvio Ciappi, Elena Dalla Chiara, Federico Perali, Barbara Santagata
07 April 2015, WP 15/2015, Download

Collective Household Welfare and Intra-household Inequality
Jean-paul Chavas, Martina Menon, Elisa Pagani, Federico Perali
07 April 2015, WP 13/2015, Download

Can Risk Averse Households Make Risky Investments? The Role of Trust in Others
Alessandro Bucciol, Barbara Cavasso, Luca Zarri
17 March 2015, WP 12/2015, Download

An Attempt to Disperse the Italian Interlocking Directorship Network: Analyzing the Effects of the 2011 Reform
Carlo Drago, Roberto Ricciuti, Paolo Santella
17 March 2015, WP 11/2015, Download

Searching for Money Illusion in Europe
Alberto Montagnoli, Andrea Vaona
05 March 2015, WP 10/2015, Download

Common and private signals in public goods games with a point of no return
Werner Gueth, Maria Vittoria Levati, Ivan Soraperra
03 March 2015, WP 9/2015, Download

Doing good with other peopleís money: an experiment on people's (un)willingness to grant others the freedom to choose
Fredrik Carlsson, Mitesh Kataria, Elina Lampi, Maria Vittoria Levati
03 March 2015, WP 8/2015, Download

A Field Study on University Enrolment: The Intentions of Prospective Students
Martina Menon, Federico Perali
27 February 2015, WP 7/2015, Download

The Diffusion of Information and Behavior in Social Networks: Renewable Energy Technology Adoption in Rural China
Pan He, Marcella Veronesi
23 February 2015, WP 6/2015, Download

Electoral Contributions and the Cost of Unpopularity
Thomas Bassetti, Filippo Pavesi
21 February 2015, WP 5/2015, Download

Regional aspects of aggregate profitability dynamics in Italy
Silvia Domeneghetti, Andrea Vaona
04 February 2015, WP 4/2015, Download

Does Investors' Personality Influence their Portfolios?
Alessandro Bucciol, Luca Zarri
30 January 2015, WP 3/2015, Download

Relative income distribution in six European countries: market and disposable income
Ilaria Petrarca, Roberto Ricciuti
22 January 2015, WP 2/2015, Download

Return Expectations and Risk Aversion Heterogeneity in Household Portfolios
Alessandro Bucciol, Raffaele Miniaci, Sergio Pastorello
12 January 2015, WP 1/2015, Download