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Department of Economics - University of Verona

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The Sharing Rule: Where Is It?
Jean-paul Chavas, Martina Menon, Federico Perali
31 December 2014, WP 27/2014, Download

The importance of Perron-Frobenius Theorem in ranking problems
Alberto Peretti
31 December 2014, WP 26/2014, Download

On the mathematical background of Google PageRank algorithm
Alberto Peretti, Alberto Roveda
31 December 2014, WP 25/2014, Download

Economic Growth and formal learning in the long run
Gianpaolo Mariutti
31 December 2014, WP 24/2014, Download

Measuring Dissimilarity
Francesco Andreoli, Claudio Zoli
31 December 2014, WP 23/2014, Download

A mapping associated to a quadratic optimization problem with linear constraints
Alberto Peretti
18 December 2014, WP 22/2014, Download

Social Status and Personality Traits
Alessandro Bucciol, Barbara Cavasso, Luca Zarri
15 December 2014, WP 21/2014, Download

Embedding Liquidity Information in Estimating Potential Output
Stefano Scalone
15 December 2014, WP 20/2014, Download

Long term social welfare: mobility, social status, and inequality
Koen Decancq, Claudio Zoli
06 December 2014, WP 19/2014, Download

Sull’ipotesi di una ferrovia nelle valli di Fiemme e Fassa
Francesco Rossi, Giovanni Sacca'
07 November 2014, WP 18/2014, Download

External Constraints Matter for Privatizations
Ilaria Petrarca, Roberto Ricciuti
20 October 2014, WP 17/2014, Download

Instability And Network Effects In Innovative Markets
Paolo Sgrignoli, Elena Agliari, Raffaella Burioni, Augusto Schianchi
15 September 2014, WP 16/2014, Download

Access to electricity and socio-economic characteristics: panel data evidence from 31 countries
Andrea Vaona, Natalia Magnani
12 September 2014, WP 15/2014, Download

An ultimatum game with multidimensional response strategies
Werner Gueth, Maria Vittoria Levati, Chiara Nardi, Ivan Soraperra
13 August 2014, WP 14/2014, Download

Collective choices under ambiguity
Maria Vittoria Levati, Stefan Napel, Ivan Soraperra
12 August 2014, WP 13/2014, Download

Improving GMM efficiency in dynamic models for panel data with mean stationarity
Giorgio Calzolari, Laura Magazzini
01 July 2014, WP 12/2014, Download

Synthetic ‘Real Socialism’: A Counterfactual Analysis of Political and Economic Liberalizations
Ilaria Petrarca, Roberto Ricciuti
12 June 2014, WP 11/2014, Download

Risk preferences and the role of emotions
Anna Conte, Maria Vittoria Levati, Chiara Nardi
12 June 2014, WP 10/2014, Download

Welfare measures to assess urban quality of life
Francesco Andreoli, Alessandra Michelangeli
09 June 2014, WP 9/2014, Download

Crop Diversification and Child Health: Empirical Evidence From Tanzania
Stefania Lovo, Marcella Veronesi
04 June 2014, WP 8/2014, Download

A large scale OLG model for France, Italy and Sweden: assessing the interpersonal and intrapersonal redistributive effects of public policies
Alessandro Bucciol, Laura Cavalli, Igor Fedotenkov, Paolo Pertile, Veronica Polin, Nicola Sartor, Alessandro Sommacal
30 April 2014, WP 7/2014, Download

L’ISEE in Italia: Una Nota Metodologica Partendo dai Dati IT-SILC
Alessandro Bucciol, Laura Cavalli, Elena Dalla Chiara, Martina Menon, Paolo Pertile, Veronica Polin, Alessandro Sommacal
06 March 2014, WP 6/2014, Download

Fiscal and Monetary Policies in Complex Evolving Economies
Giovanni Dosi, Giorgio Fagiolo, Mauro Napoletano, Andrea Roventini, Tania Treibich
24 February 2014, WP 5/2014, Download

Deep Pockets, Extreme Preferences: Explaining Persistent Differences in Electoral Contributions Across Industries
Thomas Bassetti, Filippo Pavesi
15 February 2014, WP 4/2014, Download

All in the Family: How Do Social Capital and Material Wellbeing Affect Relational Wellbeing?
Martina Menon, Ravi Pendakur, Federico Perali
05 February 2014, WP 3/2014, Download

Rock around the Clock: An Agent-Based Model of Low- and High-Frequency Trading
Sandrine Jacob Leal, Mauro Napoletano, Andrea Roventini, Giorgio Fagiolo
04 February 2014, WP 2/2014, Download

Determinants of Internal and External Imbalances within the Euro Area
Georg Dettmann
03 January 2014, WP 1/2014, Download