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A change of measure formula for recursive conditional expectations
Luca Di Persio, Alessandro Gnoatto, Marco Patacca
16 November 2021, WP 12/2021, Download

Wine Consumption and Social Image
Simone Quercia, Francesco Minetti
31 August 2021, WP 11/2021, Download

Intergenerational Coresidence and the Covid-19 Pandemic in the United States
Luca Pensieroso, Alessandro Sommacal, Gaia Spolverini
07 July 2021, WP 10/2021, Download

An Economic Analysis of ‘Quota 90’
Davide Bernardi, Roberto Ricciuti
06 June 2021, WP 9/2021, Download

The impact of hydroelectric storage in the Italian power market
Filippo Beltrami
01 June 2021, WP 8/2021, Download

A Fully Quantization-based Scheme for FBSDEs
Giorgia Callegaro, Alessandro Gnoatto, Martino Grasselli
23 April 2021, WP 7/2021, Download

Calibration to FX Triangles of the 4/2 Model Under the Benchmark Approach
Alessandro Gnoatto, Martino Grasselli, Eckhard Platen
20 April 2021, WP 6/2021, Download

Is There a Happiness Premium for Working in the Public Sector? Evidence from Italy
Alessandro Bucciol, Giovanni Burro
11 March 2021, WP 5/2021, Download

The value of carbon emission reduction induced by renewable energy sources in the Italian power market
Filippo Beltrami, Fulvio Fontini, Luigi Grossi
17 February 2021, WP 4/2021, Download

Women at work: Gender quotas, municipality elections and local spending
Francesco Andreoli, Elena Manzoni, Margherita Margotti
09 February 2021, WP 3/2021, Download

The Non-Cognitive Roots of Civic Honesty: Evidence from the US
Alessandro Bucciol, Luca Zarri
25 January 2021, WP 2/2021, Download

The zonal and seasonal CO2 marginal emissions factors for the Italian power market
Filippo Beltrami, Fulvio Fontini, Monica Giulietti, Luigi Grossi
15 January 2021, WP 1/2021, Download

Flat tax reforms in Italy
Alessandro Sommacal
31 December 2020, WP 21/2020, Download

Emotions Matter for Policy-Making: An Example on Tacit Collusion and Guilt
Rossella Ferrario, Elena Manzoni
24 December 2020, WP 20/2020, Download

Managerial Beliefs and Firm Performance: Field Evidence from Professional Elite Soccer
David Boto-Garcěa, Alessandro Bucciol, Luca Zarri
25 November 2020, WP 19/2020, Download

Electoral incentives in small polities: a case study
Francesco De Sinopoli, Diego Lubian
25 September 2020, WP 18/2020, Download

Trust, Temperature Fluctuations, and Asylum Applications
Stefano Carattini, Marcella Veronesi
20 September 2020, WP 17/2020, Download

Gender Bias and Women's Political Performance
Michela Cella, Elena Manzoni
10 September 2020, WP 16/2020, Download

Financial Advice and Household Financial Portfolios
Sarah Brown, Alessandro Bucciol, Alberto Montagnoli, Karl Taylor
01 September 2020, WP 15/2020, Download

The Shared Non-cognitive Roots of Health and Socioeconomic Status: Evidence from the US
Alessandro Bucciol, Chiara Coriele, Luca Zarri
31 July 2020, WP 14/2020, Download

Warnings about future jumps: properties of the exponential Hawkes model
Rachele Foschi, Francesca Lilla, Cecilia Mancini
29 June 2020, WP 13/2020, Download

Promoting Financial Literacy among the Elderly: Consequences on Confidence
Alessandro Bucciol, Simone Quercia, Alessia Sconti
15 July 2020, WP 12/2020, Download

Risk Perception, Learning and Willingness to Pay to Reduce Heart Disease Risks
Mark Dickie, Shelby Gerking, Wiktor Adamowicz, Marcella Veronesi
22 June 2020, WP 11/2020, Download

Extreme events, ex post renegotiation and vagueness of campaign promises
Elena Manzoni
04 June 2020, WP 10/2020, Download

Adverse childhood experiences and risk behaviours later in life: Evidence from SHARE countries.
Agar Brugiavini, Raluca Elena Buia, Matija Kovacic, Cristina Elisa Orso
20 May 2020, WP 9/2020, Download

Reality or Perception? Financial Literacy Survey and Behavioral Insights
Alessia Sconti
15 May 2020, WP 8/2020, Download

Deep xVA solver - A neural network based counterparty credit risk management framework
Alessandro Gnoatto, Athena Picarelli, Christoph Reisinger
06 May 2020, WP 7/2020, Download

Locus of Control, Saving and Propensity to Save
Alessandro Bucciol, Serena Trucchi
22 April 2020, WP 6/2020, Download

Zero-Intelligence vs. Human Agents: An Experimental Analysis of the Efficiency of Double Auctions and Over-the-Counter Markets of Varying Sizes
Giuseppe Attanasi, Samuele Centorrino, Elena Manzoni
26 March 2020, WP 5/2020, Download

Higher-Order Least Squares Inference for Spatial Autoregressions
Francesca Rossi, Peter M. Robinson
03 March 2020, WP 4/2020, Download

Cross Currency Valuation and Hedging in the Multiple Curve Framework
Alessandro Gnoatto, Nicole Seiffert
29 January 2020, WP 3/2020, Download

Where did the time (series) go? Estimation of marginal emission factors with autoregressive components
Filippo Beltrami, Andrew Burlinson, Luigi Grossi, Monica Giulietti, Paul Rowley, Grant Wilson
28 January 2020, WP 2/2020, Download

Financial Literacy in Italy: What works among millennials most?
Alessia Sconti
13 January 2020, WP 1/2020, Download

La valutazione dell’impatto sociale negli Enti del Terzo settore. Studio preliminare per un nuovo modello di misurazione
Michele Bertani, Edoardo Fassina
15 November 2019, WP 22/2019, Download

On linear problems with complementarity constraints
Giandomenico Mastroeni, Letizia Pellegrini, Alberto Peretti
14 November 2019, WP 21/2019, Download

The Tale of the Two Italies: Regional Price Parities Accounting for Differences in the Quality of Services
Martina Menon, Federico Perali, Ranjan Ray, Nicola Tommasi
14 November 2019, WP 20/2019, Download

Multiple Yield Curve Modelling with CBI Processes
Claudio Fontana, Alessandro Gnoatto, Guillaume Szulda
07 November 2019, WP 19/2019, Download

The power of words in a petty corruption experiment
Maria Vittoria Levati, Chiara Nardi
27 October 2019, WP 18/2019, Download

Media coverage and vaccination take-up: Evidence from a case study on influenza vaccination
Ylenia Brilli, Claudio Lucifora, Marco Tonello, Antonio Russo
25 October 2019, WP 17/2019, Download

Seasonality in tourist flows: Decomposing and testing changes in seasonal concentration
Luigi Grossi, Mauro Mussini
21 October 2019, WP 16/2019, Download

Continuously Updated Indirect Inference in Heteroskedastic Spatial Models
Maria Kyriacou, Peter C.B. Phillips, Francesca Rossi
05 October 2019, WP 15/2019, Download

Hidden Networks within the European Parliament: a Spatial Econometrics Approach.
Giovanna Iannantuoni, Elena Manzoni, Francesca Rossi
09 September 2019, WP 14/2019, Download

Homelessness, Identity and the City Un approccio multi-methods per valutare l’impatto del disagio abitativo sull’identitŕ
Veronica Polin, Michele Bertani
13 August 2019, WP 13/2019, Download

Le dinamiche dei flussi di conoscenza della provincia di Vicenza
Adelaide Baronchelli, Roberto Ricciuti
12 August 2019, WP 12/2019, Download

Poisson voting games: proportional rule
Francesco De Sinopoli, Claudia Meroni
22 July 2019, WP 11/2019, Download

Household Financial Decisions After the 2008 Chilean Pension Reform
Alessandro Bucciol, Martina Manfre', Gregorio Gimenez
26 June 2019, WP 10/2019, Download

R&D and market size: who benefits from orphan drug regulation?
Simona Gamba, Laura Magazzini, Paolo Pertile
17 June 2019, WP 9/2019, Download

Urban poverty: Theory and evidence from American cities
Francesco Andreoli, Mauro Mussini, Vincenzo Prete
15 June 2019, WP 8/2019, Download

Secret and publicly observable contribution intentions in a public goods experiment
Werner Gueth, Anastasios Koukoumelis, Maria Vittoria Levati, Vincenzo Prete
14 June 2019, WP 7/2019, Download

It’s Time to Cheat!
Alessandro Bucciol, Simona Cicognani, Natalia Montinari
10 June 2019, WP 6/2019, Download

Bootstrapping the Gini Index of the Network Degree: An Application for Italian Corporate Governance
Carlo Drago, Roberto Ricciuti
03 June 2019, WP 5/2019, Download

Pricing of counterparty risk and funding with CSA discounting, portfolio effects and initial margin
Francesca Biagini, Alessandro Gnoatto, Immacolata Oliva
28 May 2019, WP 4/2019, Download

The persisting US trade deficit Is protectionism the right answer?
Riccardo Fiorentini
13 May 2019, WP 3/2019, Download

Climate Change: Personal Responsibility and Energy Saving
David Boto-Garcěa, Alessandro Bucciol
17 April 2019, WP 2/2019, Download

Birth Weight, Neonatal Care, and Infant Mortality: Evidence from Macrosomic Babies
15 March 2019, WP 1/2019, Download

The EU and the social economy
GianPaolo Mariutti
31 December 2018, WP 10/2018, Download

On asymptotically efficient maximum likelihood estimation of linear functionals in Laplace measurement error models
Catia Scricciolo
31 December 2018, WP 9/2018, Download

A constrained minimum spanning tree problem
Alberto Peretti
27 December 2018, WP 8/2018, Download

What Matters for Whistleblowing on Tax Evaders? Survey and Experimental Evidence
Armenak Antinyan, Luca Corazzini, Filippo Pavesi
09 December 2018, WP 7/2018, Download

Does The Financial Situation affect Cheating Behavior? An Investigation through Financial Literacy
Martina Manfre', Viola Angelini
20 July 2018, WP 6/2018, Download

The Role of Financial Literacy and Money Education on Wealth Decisions
Alessandro Bucciol, Martina Manfre', Marcella Veronesi
03 July 2018, WP 5/2018, Download

The Joint Estimate of Singleton and Longitudinal Observations: a GMM Approach for Improved Efficiency
Randolph Luca Bruno, Laura Magazzini, Marco Stampini
16 May 2018, WP 4/2018, Download

Virtual Water Trade: The Implications of Capital Scarcity
Mohamad Afkhami, Thomas Bassetti, Hamed Ghoddusi, Filippo Pavesi
03 May 2018, WP 3/2018, Download

An Interval Variables Approach to Address Measurement Uncertainty in Governance Indicators
Carlo Drago, Roberto Ricciuti
01 February 2018, WP 2/2018, Download

Bayesian Kantorovich Deconvolution in Finite Mixture Models
Catia Scricciolo
31 January 2018, WP 1/2018, Download

Physcal Capital and Modern Economic Growth: What Is the Connection?
Gianpaolo Mariutti
31 December 2017, WP 22/2017, Download

Gender differences in risk aversion: Evidence from repeated multiple-choice exams
Giam Pietro Cipriani
28 December 2017, WP 21/2017, Download

A linear model for a ranking problem
Alberto Peretti
23 December 2017, WP 20/2017, Download

A note on progressive taxation and inequality equivalence
Claudio Zoli
22 December 2017, WP 19/2017, Download

Watch your Words: an Experimental Study on Communication and the Opportunity Cost of Delegation
Armenak Antinyan, Luca Corazzini, Elena D'Agostino, Filippo Pavesi
05 December 2017, WP 18/2017, Download

The Effects of Prior Shocks on Managerial Risk Taking: Evidence from Italian Professional Soccer
Alessandro Bucciol, Alessio Hu, Luca Zarri
29 November 2017, WP 17/2017, Download

Buyers' Ability and Discretion in Procurement: An Empirical Analysis on Standardised Medical Devices
Alessandro Bucciol, Riccardo Camboni, Paola Valbonesi
03 November 2017, WP 16/2017, Download

Cheating in Academia: The Relevance of Social Factors
Alessandro Bucciol, Simona Cicognani, Natalia Montinari
24 October 2017, WP 15/2017, Download

A Gini measure of Economic Segregation
Umut Turk, John Östh
31 August 2017, WP 14/2017, Download

The Lasting Legacy of Traumatic Events on Life Satisfaction
Alessandro Bucciol, Luca Zarri
26 July 2017, WP 13/2017, Download

Multidimensional Risk Aversion: The Cardinal Sin
Louis Raymond Eeckhoudt, Elisa Pagani, Eugenio Peluso
14 July 2017, WP 12/2017, Download

Packaged Retail Investment and Insurance-based Investments Products (PRIIP) - Scenari di performance con traiettorie alla Cornish-Fisher
Giulio Aquino, Francesco Rossi, Matteo Tesser
29 May 2017, WP 11/2017, Download

Agriculture to Industry: the End of Intergenerational Coresidence
Luca Pensieroso, Alessandro Sommacal
23 May 2017, WP 10/2017, Download

Inequality of Opportunity in Sweden:A Spatial Perspective
Umut Turk, John Östh
09 May 2017, WP 9/2017, Download

Socio-Economic Determinants of Student Mobility and Inequality of Access to Higher Education in Italy
Umut Turk
09 May 2017, WP 8/2017, Download

Electoral competition with strategic voters
Claudia Meroni
05 May 2017, WP 7/2017, Download

Forecasting electricity prices through robust nonlinear models
Luigi Grossi, Fany Nan
04 May 2017, WP 6/2017, Download

A New Mathematical Framework for the Balance Sheet Dynamic Modeling
Luca Gentili, Bruno Giacomello
19 March 2017, WP 5/2017, Download

The Social Status-Enhancing Power of Social Ties
Alessandro Bucciol, Simona Cicognani, Luca Zarri
15 March 2017, WP 4/2017, Download

Immigration and Trade: The Case Study of Veneto Region in Italy
Riccardo Fiorentini, Alina Verashchagina
08 February 2017, WP 3/2017, Download

Homelessness: un problema solo redistributivo? Una riflessione sulla rilevanza della dimensione sociale e umana per la comprensione del fenomeno
Veronica Polin
13 January 2017, WP 2/2017, Download

A concept of sincerity for combinatorial voting
Francesco De Sinopoli, Claudia Meroni
09 January 2017, WP 1/2017, Download

Optimal Non-Welfarist Income Taxation for Inequality and Polarization Reduction
Vincenzo Prete, Alessandro Sommacal, Claudio Zoli
24 December 2016, WP 23/2016, Download

The algebraic approach to some ranking problems
Alberto Peretti
20 December 2016, WP 22/2016, Download

So close yet so unequal: Reconsidering spatial inequality in U.S. cities
Francesco Andreoli, Eugenio Peluso
04 December 2016, WP 21/2016, Download

Francesco Rossi, Riccardo Zanrossi
07 November 2016, WP 20/2016, Download

Estimation of Unit Values in Household Expenditure Surveys without Quantity Information
Martina Menon, Federico Perali, Nicola Tommasi
27 October 2016, WP 19/2016, Download

Bayes and maximum likelihood for L1-Wasserstein deconvolution of Laplace mixtures
Catia Scricciolo
20 October 2016, WP 18/2016, Download

Pricing policies when patients are heterogeneous: a welfare analysis
Rosella Levaggi, Paolo Pertile
19 October 2016, WP 17/2016, Download

Le politiche familiari della Regione del Veneto: un’analisi economica dell’intervento del policy maker regionale nell’ultimo decennio
Veronica Polin, Michele Bertani
03 October 2016, WP 16/2016, Download

The Shadow of the Past: Does Personality Change After Lifetime Traumas?
Alessandro Bucciol, Luca Zarri
31 August 2016, WP 15/2016, Download

Does Saving Education Received From Parents Make Adults More Future-Oriented?
Alessandro Bucciol, Luca Zarri
29 August 2016, WP 14/2016, Download

Cities and Inequality
Alessandra Michelangeli, Eugenio Peluso
24 August 2016, WP 13/2016, Download

Electoral Contributions and the Cost of Unpopularity
Thomas Bassetti, Filippo Pavesi
14 August 2016, WP 12/2016, Download

Electing a parliament: an experimental study
Francesco De Sinopoli, Giovanna Iannantuoni, Maria Vittoria Levati, Ivan Soraperra
21 July 2016, WP 11/2016, Download

Supranational policies for a renewed European Union
Riccardo Fiorentini
16 June 2016, WP 10/2016, Download

Russia and China in the 21th century. Moving towards cooperative behaviour
Silvana Malle
28 May 2016, WP 9/2016, Download

Scoring rule auctions and favoritism: an empirical study on Italian public procurement for canteens
Riccardo Camboni Marchi Adani
24 May 2016, WP 8/2016, Download

Prudence, risk measures and the Optimized Certainty Equivalent: a note
Louis Raymond Eeckhoudt, Elisa Pagani, Emanuela Rosazza Gianin
13 May 2016, WP 7/2016, Download

On Deconvolution of Dirichlet-Laplace Mixtures
Catia Scricciolo
01 May 2016, WP 6/2016, Download

On the Scalarization of Vector Optimization Problems
Letizia Pellegrini
21 April 2016, WP 5/2016, Download

Sharp sup-norm Bayesian curve estimation
Catia Scricciolo
23 March 2016, WP 4/2016, Download

Consistency of Risk Preference Measures and the Role of Ambiguity: An Artefactual Field Experiment from China
Pan He, Marcella Veronesi, Stefanie Engel
16 March 2016, WP 3/2016, Download

An Asset-based Indicator of Wellbeing for a Unified Means Testing Tool: Money Metric or Counting Approach?
Martina Menon, Federico Perali, Eva Sierminska
09 February 2016, WP 2/2016, Download

Social Identity, Attitudes Towards Cooperation, and Social Preferences: Evidence From Switzerland
Devesh Rustagi, Marcella Veronesi
14 January 2016, WP 1/2016, Download

Human Learning and Modern Economic growth: What is the Connection?
Gianpaolo Mariutti
31 December 2015, WP 31/2015, Download

Measuring the interaction dimension of segregation: the Gini-Exposure index
Francesco Andreoli, Claudio Zoli
31 December 2015, WP 30/2015, Download

Public policies over the life cycle: a large scale OLG model for France, Italy and Sweden
Alessandro Bucciol, Laura Cavalli, Igor Fedotenkov, Paolo Pertile, Veronica Polin, Nicola Sartor, Alessandro Sommacal
15 November 2015, WP 29/2015, Download

An Integrated Data Base to Measure Living Standards
Elena Dalla Chiara, Martina Menon, Federico Perali
10 November 2015, WP 28/2015, Download

Economic Sovereignty. A Militant Agenda for Russia
Silvana Malle
09 November 2015, WP 27/2015, Download

Il Nuovo Indicatore della Situazione Economica Equivalente: Č Una Vera Riforma?
Martina Menon, Federico Perali, Veronica Polin
27 October 2015, WP 26/2015, Download

The structure of Nash equilibria in Poisson games
Claudia Meroni, Carlos Pimienta
19 October 2015, WP 25/2015, Download

Certainty Equivalent: Many Meanings of a Mean
Elisa Pagani
08 June 2015, WP 24/2015, Download

Family Friendly Welfare at the National and Local Level: What Does the State Do for the Family and the Family For the State?
Paola De Agostini, Martina Menon, Federico Perali
05 June 2015, WP 23/2015, Download

Adult Mortality and Modern Growth
Davide Fiaschi, Tamara Fioroni
08 May 2015, WP 22/2015, Download

Positive long-run inflation non-super-neutrality in the Euro area
Andrea Vaona
17 April 2015, WP 20/2015, Download

Some notes on divisibility rules
Alberto Peretti
17 April 2015, WP 19/2015, Download

Who should monitor job sick leave?
Carlo Alberto Biscardo, Alessandro Bucciol, Paolo Pertile
13 April 2015, WP 18/2015, Download

Anomalous empirical evidence on money long-run super-neutrality and the vertical long-run Phillips curve.
Andrea Vaona
10 April 2015, WP 17/2015, Download

Inflation gifts restrictions for structural VARs: evidence from the US
Andrea Vaona
09 April 2015, WP 16/2015, Download

A Method to Measure Standard Costs of Juvenile Justice Systems: the example of Italy
Silvio Ciappi, Elena Dalla Chiara, Federico Perali, Barbara Santagata
07 April 2015, WP 15/2015, Download

Collective Household Welfare and Intra-household Inequality
Jean-paul Chavas, Martina Menon, Elisa Pagani, Federico Perali
07 April 2015, WP 13/2015, Download

Can Risk Averse Households Make Risky Investments? The Role of Trust in Others
Alessandro Bucciol, Barbara Cavasso, Luca Zarri
17 March 2015, WP 12/2015, Download

An Attempt to Disperse the Italian Interlocking Directorship Network: Analyzing the Effects of the 2011 Reform
Carlo Drago, Roberto Ricciuti, Paolo Santella
17 March 2015, WP 11/2015, Download

Searching for Money Illusion in Europe
Alberto Montagnoli, Andrea Vaona
05 March 2015, WP 10/2015, Download

Common and private signals in public goods games with a point of no return
Werner Gueth, Maria Vittoria Levati, Ivan Soraperra
03 March 2015, WP 9/2015, Download

Doing good with other people’s money: an experiment on people's (un)willingness to grant others the freedom to choose
Fredrik Carlsson, Mitesh Kataria, Elina Lampi, Maria Vittoria Levati
03 March 2015, WP 8/2015, Download

A Field Study on University Enrolment: The Intentions of Prospective Students
Martina Menon, Federico Perali
27 February 2015, WP 7/2015, Download

The Diffusion of Information and Behavior in Social Networks: Renewable Energy Technology Adoption in Rural China
Pan He, Marcella Veronesi
23 February 2015, WP 6/2015, Download

Electoral Contributions and the Cost of Unpopularity
Thomas Bassetti, Filippo Pavesi
21 February 2015, WP 5/2015, Download

Regional aspects of aggregate profitability dynamics in Italy
Silvia Domeneghetti, Andrea Vaona
04 February 2015, WP 4/2015, Download

Does Investors' Personality Influence their Portfolios?
Alessandro Bucciol, Luca Zarri
30 January 2015, WP 3/2015, Download

Relative income distribution in six European countries: market and disposable income
Ilaria Petrarca, Roberto Ricciuti
22 January 2015, WP 2/2015, Download

Return Expectations and Risk Aversion Heterogeneity in Household Portfolios
Alessandro Bucciol, Raffaele Miniaci, Sergio Pastorello
12 January 2015, WP 1/2015, Download

The Sharing Rule: Where Is It?
Jean-paul Chavas, Martina Menon, Federico Perali
31 December 2014, WP 27/2014, Download

The importance of Perron-Frobenius Theorem in ranking problems
Alberto Peretti
31 December 2014, WP 26/2014, Download

On the mathematical background of Google PageRank algorithm
Alberto Peretti, Alberto Roveda
31 December 2014, WP 25/2014, Download

Economic Growth and formal learning in the long run
Gianpaolo Mariutti
31 December 2014, WP 24/2014, Download

Measuring Dissimilarity
Francesco Andreoli, Claudio Zoli
31 December 2014, WP 23/2014, Download

A mapping associated to a quadratic optimization problem with linear constraints
Alberto Peretti
18 December 2014, WP 22/2014, Download

Social Status and Personality Traits
Alessandro Bucciol, Barbara Cavasso, Luca Zarri
15 December 2014, WP 21/2014, Download

Embedding Liquidity Information in Estimating Potential Output
Stefano Scalone
15 December 2014, WP 20/2014, Download

Long term social welfare: mobility, social status, and inequality
Koen Decancq, Claudio Zoli
06 December 2014, WP 19/2014, Download

Sull’ipotesi di una ferrovia nelle valli di Fiemme e Fassa
Francesco Rossi, Giovanni Sacca'
07 November 2014, WP 18/2014, Download

External Constraints Matter for Privatizations
Ilaria Petrarca, Roberto Ricciuti
20 October 2014, WP 17/2014, Download

Instability And Network Effects In Innovative Markets
Paolo Sgrignoli, Elena Agliari, Raffaella Burioni, Augusto Schianchi
15 September 2014, WP 16/2014, Download

Access to electricity and socio-economic characteristics: panel data evidence from 31 countries
Andrea Vaona, Natalia Magnani
12 September 2014, WP 15/2014, Download

An ultimatum game with multidimensional response strategies
Werner Gueth, Maria Vittoria Levati, Chiara Nardi, Ivan Soraperra
13 August 2014, WP 14/2014, Download

Collective choices under ambiguity
Maria Vittoria Levati, Stefan Napel, Ivan Soraperra
12 August 2014, WP 13/2014, Download

Improving GMM efficiency in dynamic models for panel data with mean stationarity
Giorgio Calzolari, Laura Magazzini
01 July 2014, WP 12/2014, Download

Synthetic ‘Real Socialism’: A Counterfactual Analysis of Political and Economic Liberalizations
Ilaria Petrarca, Roberto Ricciuti
12 June 2014, WP 11/2014, Download

Risk preferences and the role of emotions
Anna Conte, Maria Vittoria Levati, Chiara Nardi
12 June 2014, WP 10/2014, Download

Welfare measures to assess urban quality of life
Francesco Andreoli, Alessandra Michelangeli
09 June 2014, WP 9/2014, Download

Crop Diversification and Child Health: Empirical Evidence From Tanzania
Stefania Lovo, Marcella Veronesi
04 June 2014, WP 8/2014, Download

A large scale OLG model for France, Italy and Sweden: assessing the interpersonal and intrapersonal redistributive effects of public policies
Alessandro Bucciol, Laura Cavalli, Igor Fedotenkov, Paolo Pertile, Veronica Polin, Nicola Sartor, Alessandro Sommacal
30 April 2014, WP 7/2014, Download

L’ISEE in Italia: Una Nota Metodologica Partendo dai Dati IT-SILC
Alessandro Bucciol, Laura Cavalli, Elena Dalla Chiara, Martina Menon, Paolo Pertile, Veronica Polin, Alessandro Sommacal
06 March 2014, WP 6/2014, Download

Fiscal and Monetary Policies in Complex Evolving Economies
Giovanni Dosi, Giorgio Fagiolo, Mauro Napoletano, Andrea Roventini, Tania Treibich
24 February 2014, WP 5/2014, Download

Deep Pockets, Extreme Preferences: Explaining Persistent Differences in Electoral Contributions Across Industries
Thomas Bassetti, Filippo Pavesi
15 February 2014, WP 4/2014, Download

All in the Family: How Do Social Capital and Material Wellbeing Affect Relational Wellbeing?
Martina Menon, Ravi Pendakur, Federico Perali
05 February 2014, WP 3/2014, Download

Rock around the Clock: An Agent-Based Model of Low- and High-Frequency Trading
Sandrine Jacob Leal, Mauro Napoletano, Andrea Roventini, Giorgio Fagiolo
04 February 2014, WP 2/2014, Download

Determinants of Internal and External Imbalances within the Euro Area
Georg Dettmann
03 January 2014, WP 1/2014, Download

Inflation Risk Premia, Yield Volatility and Macro Factors
Andrea Berardi
23 December 2013, WP 27/2013, Download

Image Space Analysis and Separation for G-Semidifferentiable Vector Problems
Giandomenico Mastroeni, Letizia Pellegrini
21 December 2013, WP 26/2013, Download

Cognitive ability, stereotypes and gender segregation in the workplace
Diego Lubian, Anna Untertrifaller
20 December 2013, WP 25/2013, Download

Top Contributors as Punishers
Daniela Grieco, Marco Faillo, Luca Zarri
19 December 2013, WP 24/2013, Download

Gli investimenti sostenibili e responsabili
Francesco Rossi, Leonardo Turrina
17 December 2013, WP 23/2013, Download

Lying in Politics: Evidence from the US
Alessandro Bucciol, Luca Zarri
22 November 2013, WP 22/2013, Download

Redistribution at the Local Level: The Case of Public Childcare in Italy
Alessandro Bucciol, Laura Cavalli, Paolo Pertile, Veronica Polin, Alessandro Sommacal
18 November 2013, WP 21/2013, Download

The Collective Farm-Household Model: Policy and Welfare Simulations
Eleonora Matteazzi, Martina Menon, Federico Perali
15 November 2013, WP 20/2013, Download

Regulating rates of return do gravitate in US manufacturing!
Stefania Tescari, Andrea Vaona
12 November 2013, WP 19/2013, Download

Preferences for Social Inclusion: Empirical Evidence from Juvenile Rehabilitation in Italy
Martina Menon, Federico Perali, Marcella Veronesi
28 October 2013, WP 18/2013, Download

Child Labour and Inequality
Simone D'Alessandro, Tamara Fioroni
03 October 2013, WP 17/2013, Download

No news is costly news: the link between the diffusion of the press and public spending
Ilaria Petrarca
12 September 2013, WP 16/2013, Download

Sources for the Euro Crisis: Bad Regulation and Weak Institutions in Peripheral Europe
Jacopo Costa, Roberto Ricciuti
08 September 2013, WP 15/2013, Download

Testing Initial Conditions in Dynamic Panel Data Models
Giorgio Calzolari, Laura Magazzini
27 August 2013, WP 14/2013, Download

The dynamics of pharmaceutical regulation and R&D investments
Rosella Levaggi, Michele Moretto, Paolo Pertile
02 August 2013, WP 13/2013, Download

Countervailing inequality effects of globalization and renewable energy generation in Argentina
Andrea Vaona
17 July 2013, WP 12/2013, Download

An Asymmetric Model on Seigniorage and the Dynamics of Net Foreign Assets
Georg Dettmann
06 June 2013, WP 11/2013, Download

Teaching Children to Save: What Is the Best Strategy for Lifetime Savings?
Alessandro Bucciol, Marcella Veronesi
01 May 2013, WP 10/2013, Download

Inflation gifts and endogenous growth through learning-by-doing
Andrea Vaona
29 May 2013, WP 9/2013, Download

Social Crisis Prevention: A Political Alert Index for the Israel-Palestine Conflict
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Import demand and renewable energy generation in 26 countries
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Riccardo Fiorentini, Guido Montani
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Financial Risk Aversion and Personal Life History
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Geografia dei distretti produttivi e dei brevetti industriali: il caso vicentino
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Fiscal Policies and Credit Regimes: A TVAR Approach
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Tricks for maximizing collective utility functions
Elisa Pagani
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Climate Change and the Willingness to Pay to Reduce Ecological and Health Risks from Wastewater Flooding in Urban Centers and the Environment
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Twenty-two econometric tests on the gravitation and convergence of industrial rates of return in New Zealand and Taiwan - extended version
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Monte Carlo likelihood inference in multivariate model-based geostatistics
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Characterizing Inequality Equivalence Criteria
Claudio Zoli
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DRGs: the link between investment in technologies and appropriateness
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Restricted Finite Time Dominance
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Financial Risk Aversion, Economic Crises and Past Risk Perception
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Fertility Intentions of Employed Mothers in Italy: Does the Choice of Public versus Private Sector Matter?
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The Cake-eating problem: Non-linear sharing rules
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Modelling life-course decisions for the analysis of interpersonal and intrapersonal redistribution
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Unethical Minds: Individual Characteristics that Predict Unethical Behavior
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On the Expenditure-Dependence of Children's Resource Shares
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A Characterization of Collective Individual Expenditure Functions
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Mezzogiorno e apertura internazionale ne "La Riforma Sociale"
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The sclerosis of regional electricity intensities in Italy: an aggregate and sectoral analysis
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The Sharing Rule: Where Is It?
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How Can African Agriculture Adapt to Climate Change? A Counterfactual Analysis from Ethiopia
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Relational Consumption and Nonlinear Dynamics in an Overlapping Generations Model
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Price-price deviations are highly persistent - extended version
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Macroeconomic Policy in DSGE and Agent-Based Models
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Identification of linear panel data models when instruments are not available
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The Value of Failures in Pharmaceutical R&D
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A hierarchical geostatistical factor model for multivariate Poisson count data
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Multivariate geostatistical mapping of radioactive contamination in the Maddalena Archipelago (Sardinia, Italy)
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On the existence of some skew normal stationary processes
Marco Minozzo
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The Increasing Inequality in Income Distribution: A Note
Riccardo Fiorentini
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Global Imbalances, the International Crisis and the Role of the Dollar
Riccardo Fiorentini
27 December 2011, WP 18/2011, Download

Cost Overrun and Auction Format in Public Works
Alessandro Bucciol, Ottorino Chillemi, Giacomo Palazzi
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The Present Challenges to Russia: Modernisation and Diversification
Silvana Malle
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Household Portfolios and Risk Bearing over Age and Time
Alessandro Bucciol, Raffaele Miniaci
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A panel data approach to price-value correlations
Andrea Vaona
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Hispaniola e la divergenza economica
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Regional spillover effects of renewable energy generation in Italy
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Spatial Autocorrelation and Verdoorn Law in Portugal
Vítor Joăo Pereira Domingues Martinho
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The Role of Women in the Italian Network of Boards of Directors, 2003-2010
Carlo Drago , Francesco Millo, Roberto Ricciuti, Paolo Satella
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Moderating Government
Francesco De Sinopoli, Leo Ferraris, Giovanna Iannantuoni
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Further econometric evidence on the gravitation and convergence of industrial rates of return on regulating capital
Andrea Vaona
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A Counting Approach for Measuring Multidimensional Deprivation
Rolf Aaberge, Eugenio Peluso
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The price-price Phillips curve in small open economies and monetary unions
Andrea Vaona
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Computing option values by pricing kernel with a stochatic volatility model
Silvia Centanni
01 April 2011, WP 5/2011, Download

Happiness and Tax Morale: an Empirical Analysis
Diego Lubian, Luca Zarri
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Dynamic, economic approaches to HTA under uncertainty
Martin Forster, Paolo Pertile
23 March 2011, WP 3/2011, Download

Moment Conditions and Neglected Endogeneity in Panel Data Models
Giorgio Calzolari, Laura Magazzini
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Forecasting Italian Electricity Zonal Prices with Exogenous Variables
Angelica Gianfreda, Luigi Grossi
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Monte Carlo derivative pricing with partial information in a class of doubly stochastic Poisson processes with marks
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A Hierarchical Geostatistical Factor Model for Multivariate Poisson Count Data
Marco Minozzo, Clarissa Ferrari
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Breakthrough innovations and welfare: The role of innovators' loss aversion and experience.
Daniela Grieco
21 December 2010, WP 20/2010, Download

Granger non-causality tests between (non)renewable energy consumption and output in Italy since 1861: the (ir)relevance of structural breaks
Andrea Vaona
14 December 2010, WP 19/2010, Download

Multiobjective Lagrangian duality for portfolio optimization with risk measures
Elisa Pagani
07 December 2010, WP 18/2010, Download

Six variations on fair wages and the long-run Phillips curve
Andrea Vaona
22 November 2010, WP 17/2010, Download

Legitimate Punishment, Feedback, and the Enforcement of Cooperation
Marco Faillo, Daniela Grieco, Luca Zarri
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Negative variance estimates in panel data models
Laura Magazzini, Giorgio Calzolari
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Money illusion and the long-run Phillips curve in staggered wage-setting models
Andrea Vaona
29 September 2010, WP 14/2010, Download

Routinization-Biased Technical Change, Globalization and Labor Market Polarization: Does Theory Fit the Facts?
Jaewon Jung, Jean Mercenier
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Intra-national Purchasing Power Parity and Balassa-Samuelson Effects in Italy
Andrea Vaona
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Profit rate dynamics, income distribution, structural and technical change in Denmark, Finland and Italy
Andrea Vaona
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A global CGE model at the NUTS 1 level for trade policy evaluation
Gabriele Standardi
07 June 2010, WP 10/2010, Download

Inflation and Growth in the Long Run: A New Keynesian Theory and Further Semiparametric Evidence
Andrea Vaona
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Rural development policies at regional level in the enlarged EU. The impact on farm structures
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The evaluation of european structural funds on economic convergence with the application of spatial filtering technique
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The productivity crisis in pharmaceutical R&D
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On the gravitation and convergence of industry profit rates in Denmark, Finland, Italy and the US
Andrea Vaona
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Who Bears the Full Costs of Children?
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Variable population welfare and poverty orderings satisfying replication properties
Claudio Zoli
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On a particular mapping in Rn
Alberto Peretti
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The Fragility of the KPSS Stationarity Test
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Social Exclusion Orderings
Satya R. Chakravarty, Claudio Zoli
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Estimation and pricing with the Cairns-Blake-Dowd model of mortality
Edmund Cannon
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On Generalized Constrained Optimization and Separation Theorems
Letizia Pellegrini
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Econometric Identification of the Cost of Maintaining a Child
Martina Menon, Federico Perali
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International Cooperation in Pharmaceutical Research
Anna Rita Bennato, Laura Magazzini
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Preserving Dominance Relations Through Disaggregation: The Evil and the Saint
Eugenio Peluso, Alain Trannoy
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On Lagrangian Duality in Vector Optimization. Applications to the linear case.
Elisa Pagani
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Counterfactual analysis using a regional dynamic general equilibrium model with historical calibration
Stefania Lovo, Federico Perali
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Technology shape, distance to frontier, or frontier shift? Modeling the determinants of TFP growth
Camilla Mastromarco, Angelo Zago
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Scalarization and sensitivity analysis in Vector Optimization. The linear case.
Elisa Pagani, Letizia Pellegrini
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Free riders and strong reciprocators coexist in public goods experiments: evolutionary foundations
Angelo Antoci, Paolo Russu, Luca Zarri
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Free Riders and Cooperators in Public Goods Experiments: Can Evolutionary Dynamics Explain their Coexistence?
Angelo Antoci, Paolo Russu, Luca Zarri
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Autocorrelation and masked heterogeneity in panel data models estimated by maximum likelihood
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The Sustainability of European Health Care Systems: Beyond Income and Ageing
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Patent Value and R&D Competition
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Schumpeter Meeting Keynes: A Policy-Friendly Model of Endogenous Growth and Business Cycles
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Risk adjustment, investment policy, and valuation for an unlevered firm
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Moral Sentiments and Material Interests behind Altruistic Third-Party Punishment
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On the Scientific Status of Economic Policy: A Tale of Alternative Paradigms
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Be productive or face decline. On the sources and determinants of output growth in Italian manufacturing firms
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Production of commodities by means of labour. A theory of international relations.
Gianpaolo Mariutti
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Extensions of the Traditional Travel Cost Model of Non-Market Valuation to a Collective Framework: Evidence from the Field
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Asset Prices with Locally-Constrained-Entropy Recursive Multiple Priors Utility.
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Happiness, Morality, and Game Theory
Luca Zarri
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Productivity or Discrimination? Beauty and the Exams.
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Quality production and quality indicators in intermediate products.
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Strategie di valorizzazione del patrimonio militare veronese: verso un ecomuseo?.
Paola Savi
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Turismo ed economia criminale
Cristina Spiller, Martino Nardi
01 May 2003, WP 5/2003, Download