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Parallel Session G, Saturday 9.00 - 11.00

G1: Parental Time Effects on Child Development - Chair: John Rigg


Georgia Verropoulou

Does Mothers’ Employment Conflict with Child Development? Multilevel Analysis of British Mothers Born in 1958

University of London


Christine Atteneder

Joint Custody and its Implications for Parental Bargaining: The Case of Austria

Johannes Kepler University Linz


Astrid Würtz

The Long Term Effect of Parental Time Use on Children's Development

Aarhus School of Business


John Rigg

Parental Separation and Child Well-Being: An Analysis of Incorporating Pre-Separation Conflict

London School of Economics and Political Science


G2: Demography of Aging - Chair: Stefan Wolter


Robert Wright

Macroeconomics Impacts of an Ageing Population in Scotland - A CGE Analysis

University of Strathclyde


Stéphane Lambrecht

The Effects of a Demographic Shock in an OLG Economy with Pay-As-You-Go Pensions and Property Rights on the Environment

Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille


Alessandro Cigno

Is There a Social Security Tax Wedge?

University of Florence, CESifo, ChilD, and IZA


Stefan Wolter

Demographic Change and Public Education Spending: A Conflict between Young and Old?

Swiss Coordination Center for Research in Education & University of Bern


G3: Tax Economics - Chair: Elena Stancanelli


Anna Batyra

Selective Reductions in Labour Taxation: Labour Market Adjustments and Macroeconomic Performace

Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique


Dan Anderberg - Cancelled

Tax Credits, Income Support and Partnership Decisions

Royal Holloway University of London


Alessandro Balestrino

Tax Avoidance, Endogenous Social Norms, and the Comparison Income Effect

University of Pisa, CESifo, and ChilD


Elena Stancanelli

Evaluating the Impact of the French Tax Credit Programme, “La Prime Pour L’Emploi”: A Difference in Differences Model

CNRS, Nice and OFCE, Sciences-Po, Paris


G4: Ethnic Groups and Skilled Workers - Chair: Carmel U. Chiswick


Knut Røed

Organisational Change, Absenteeism and Welfare Dependency among Norwegian Nurses

Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research


Christina Gathmann

How General is Specific Human Capital? Using Mobility Patterns to Study Skill Transferability in the Labor Market

Stanford University


Martin Kahanec

The Substitutability of Labor of Selected Ethnic Groups in the US Labor Market

IZA Bonn


Carmel U. Chiswick

The Economics Ethnic Assimilation

University of Illinois at Chicago


G5: Migrants and Remittances - Chair: Murat G. Kırdar


Pierre Beaudouin

Economic Impact of Migration on a Rural Area in Bangladesh

Centre d’´Economie de la Sorbonne, Universit´e Paris


Biagio Speciale

Remittances and Public Spending on Education

Université Libre de Bruxelles


Matloob Piracha

Remittances, Institutions, and Economic Development

University of Kent


Murat G. Kırdar

Return Migration and Saving Behavior of Foreign Workers in Germany

Middle East Technical University


Università degli Studi di Verona -          

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