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Parallel Session F, Friday 16.00 - 18.00

F1: Consumption Choices - Chair: Daniela Del Boca


Guy Lacroix

Household Consumption Choices with Several Decision Makers

Université du Québec en Outaouais


Valerie Lechene - Cancelled

Distributional Effects in Household Models: Separate Spheres and Income Pooling

Wadham College, Oxford


Ekaterina Kalugina

Within-Household Comparisons Using Subjective Data in a Collective Model

Centre d'Economie de la Sorbonne, University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, CNRS and HCE, Moscow


Daniela Del Boca

The Mismatch between Employment and Child Care in Italy: The Impact of Rationing

University of Turin, ChilD and IZA


F2: Topics in Intergenerational Transmission - Chair: Jo Blanden


Uwe Sunde

The Intergenerational Transmission of Preferences

IZA and University of Bonn


Øystein Thøgersen

Intergenerational Risk Sharing by Means of Pay-As-You-Go Programs - An Investigation of Alternative Mechanisms

Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration


Anders Björklund

Nature and Nurture in the Intergenerational Transmission of Socioeconomic Status: Evidence from Swedish Children and Their Biological and Rearing Parents

Swedish Institute for Social Research, Stockholm University


Jo Blanden

Love and Money: Intergenerational Mobility and Marital Matching on Parental Income

University of Surrey


F3: Family Structure and Educational Outcomes - Chair: Yu Zhu


Stephen P. Jenkins

Childhood Family Structure and Schooling Outcomes: Evidence for Germany

ISER, University of Essex


Monique de Haan

Birth Order, Family Size and Educational Attainment

University of Amsterdam, Roetersstraat


Wilbert van der Klaauw - Cancelled

A Demographic Analysis of the Family Structure Experiences of Children in the United States

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Yu Zhu

Child Support and Educational Outcomes - Evidence from the British Household Panel Survey

University of Kent


F4: Marital Status - Chair: Libertad González


Seble Worku

Marriage Markets and Marital Status of South African Mothers

University of Amsterdam


Carole Bonnet

The effect of Being Widowed on Housing and Location Choices



Sigve Tjotta

Job Loss and Divorce

University of Bergen


Libertad González

The Effect of Divorce Laws on Divorce Rates in Europe

Universitat Pompeu Fabra


F5: Self-employment - Chair: Dragos Radu


S. A. Gonzalez Tijerina

Self Employment in Rural Mexico Ten Years after NAFTA

EGAP, ITESMCampus Monterrey


Ulrike Muehlberger

Dependent Forms of Self-employment in the UK: Identifying Workers on the Border between Employment and Self-employment

Vienna University of Economics


Eskil Wadensjö

Employees Who Become Self-Employed: Do Labour Income and Wages Have an Impact?

Swedish Institute for Social Research, Stockholm University


Dragos Radu

The Social Dynamics of Entrepreneurship in a Transition Economy

Hamburg Institue of International Economics


F6: Risky Behaviors - Chair: David Paton


Harald Tauchmann

Tobacco and Alcohol: Complements or Substitutes? A Statistical Guinea Pig Approach

Rheinisch-Westf¨alisches Institut fur Wirtschaftsforschung, Essen, Germany


Sara Borelli

Chewing the Flower of Paradise: Economic and Social Aspects of Qat Use in the Horn of Africa

University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Verona


Ana Gil

The Effects of Social Interactions on Risky Behavior by Young People and Its Implications for Health and Human Capital

Cornell University


David Paton

The Abortion-Crime Link: Evidence from England and Wales

California State University, Nottingham University Buisness School


F7: Economic Performance of Immigrants - Chair: Mathias Sinning


S. Schurer

Labour Market Performance of First Generation Immigrants and Ethnic Germans Vis-a-Vis Comparable German Natives when Adjusting for Panel Attrition

Ruhr Graduate School in Economics, Essen, Germany


Jonathan Wadsworth

Do Relative Gains to Migration Vary? A Comparison of the Labour Market Performance of Indians in the UK, the USA and India

University of London and Centre for Economic Performance, LSE and IZA


Harminder Battu

Family Migration and Labour Market Outcomes: A Panel Investigation

University of Aberdeen, King’s College, Old Aberdeen, Scotland


Mathias Sinning

Home-ownership and Economic Performance of Immigrants in Germany

RWI Essen


F8: Health Care - Chair: Christopher Flinn


Bridget Hiedemann

Formal Home Health Care, Informal Care, and Family Decision Making

Seattle University


Eva Deuchert

Maternal Health Care and the Spread of AIDS in Burkina Faso

University of Freiburg


Arild Aakvik

Access to Primary Health Care and Health Outcomes: The Relationships between GP Characteristics and Mortality Rates

University of Bergen


Christopher Flinn

Household Search and Health Insurance Coverage

New York University, BLS-DOL




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