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Parallel Session E, Friday 13.45 - 15.45

E1: Intergenerational Transfers - Chair: Sarmistha Pal


Firman Witoelar

The Effects of Intra-household Differences in Education on Home-Leaving in Indonesia

Yale University


Jose Alberto Molina

Leaving the Nest in Spain: A Panel Study

University of Zaragoza


Liliana E. Pezzin - Presenter: R. Pollak

Bargaining Power and Intergenerational Coresidence: Adult Children and their Disabled Elderly Parents

Medical College of Wisconsin


Sarmistha Pal

Intergenerational Transfers and Elderly Coresidence with Adult Children in Rural India

Brunel University


E2: Child Labor vs. Schooling for Children - Chair: O. Abiodum Elijah


Hayfa Grira

Delayed School Enrolment: Evidence from Rural Bangladeh

University of Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne


Bernhard Ganglmair

"Intrinsic Competition" and the Labor-Schooling Trade-off in Uganda

University Bonn


Obayelu Abiodun Elijah

Analysis of Child Labour and School Attendance in Nigeria: The Present and Future Implications

University of Ibadan


Fernando Galindo-Rueda - Cancelled

Do a Few Months of Compulsory Schooling Matter? The Education and Labour Market Impact of School Leaving Rules

Department of Trade and Industry, London


E3: The Gender Wage Gap: International Comparisons - Chair: Eva Moreno Galbis


Emilia Del Bono

Is It the Way She Moves? New Evidence on the Gender Wage Growth Gap in the Early Careers of Men and Women in Italy

ISER, Univerisity of Essex


Hiau Joo Kee

Glass Ceiling or Sticky Floor? Exploring the Australian Gender Pay Gap using Quantile Regression and Counterfactual Decomposition Methods

The Australian National University


Sara de la Rica

Ceilings or Floors?: Gender Wage Gaps by Education in Spain

Universidad del País Vasco & IZA


Eva Moreno Galbis

Evaluating the Effects of New Technologies on the Gender Wage Gap

Universite' du Maine, Universite' de Nantes


E4: Within - Household Models - Chair: David Bishai


Jennifer Ward-Batts - Cancelled

Can Marital Bargaining or Home Production Explain the Post-Retirement Consumption Puzzle? Further Evidence from the U. K.

Claremont McKenna College


Almudena Sevilla Sanz

Imperfect Commitment, Social Constraints and Household Time Allocation

University of Essex


Aycan Celikaksoy

A Wage Premium or Penalty: Marriage Migration and Intermarriage Effects Among the Children of Immigrants?

CIM, SFI & Aarhus School of Business


David Bishai

Far Above Rubies: The Association between Bride Price and Extramarital Liaisons in Uganda

Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health


E5: Labor Markets II - Chair: Ingo Geishecker


Giovanni Sulis

Wages, Experience and Tenure: Evidence from Displaced Workers

University of Essex, University of Cagliari and CRENoS


Helene Turon

On-the-job Search, Productivity Shocks, and the Individual Earnings Process

PSE, CREST-INSEE, and University of Bristol


Theis Theisen

Multiple-Job-Holding in Africa: The Case of Tanzania

Agder University College


Ingo Geishecker

The Impact of International Outsourcing on Individual Employment Security: A Micro-Level Analysis

University of Goettingen and Center for Development Research, Bonn


E6: Topics in Health Economics I - Chair: Elsa Fontainha


Ana Llena-Nozal

Intergenerational Health Correlations: Is it Genes or Is It Income?

Free University Amsterdam & Tinbergen Institute


Carlo Devillanova

Social Networks, Information and Health Care Utilization: Evidence from Undocumented Immigrants in Milan

Università Bocconi


John P. Haisken-DeNew

Down (Under) in the Dumps: Incidence and Impact of Clinical Depression in Australia

RWI-Essen, Hohenzollernstr


Elsa Fontainha

Children, Mother and Father Time Management and Perception of Stress: Families in a Rush

ISEG-Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal


E7: Migration Flows - Chair: Matteo Bugamelli


Govert E. Bijwaard

Migration Dynamics of Immigrants: Who leaves, Who Returns and How Quick?

Econometric Institute, Erasmus University Rotterdam


Anzelika Zaiceva

Self-selection and the Returns to Geographic Mobility: What Can Be Learned from the German Unification "Experiment"

European University Institute


Michael Quinn

Fiscal Policy and Migration Flows: Evidence from the European Union

Bentley College


Matteo Bugamelli

Growth and Skilled Migrations

Bank of Italy


E8: Consequences of Immigration and Naturalization Laws - Chair: Klaus F. Zimmermann


Milo Bianchi

Immigration Policy and Self-Selecting Migrants

Stockholm School of Economics and MIT


Giuseppe Russo

Barriers to Immigration and Cultural Homogeneity: Is Anything Wrong?

DISES, University of Salerno, PSE, Paris


Francesca Mazzolari

Determinants and Effects of Naturalization. The Role of Dual Citizenship Laws

Rutgers University


Klaus F. Zimmermann

Legal Status at Entry, Economic Performance, and Self-employment Proclivity: A Bi-national Study of Immigrants

IZA, DIW Berlin and Bonn University



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