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Parallel Session D, Friday 9.00 - 11.00

D1: Labor Supply - Chair: Dimitris Pavlopoulos


Martin Halla

Labour Supply at Zero Wages: What Motivates Volunteers in the USA?

Johannes Kepler University, Linz


Ruth-Aïda Nahum

Sickness Absence and Spousal Labour Supply

Uppsala University


Natalia Radtchenko

Assessing the Stability of the Collective Labour Supply Model: The Russian Financial Crisis as a Natural Experiment

CIRPEE, Université Laval


Dimitris Pavlopoulos

Escaping the Low Pay Trap. Do Labour Market Entrants Stand a Chance?

Tilburg Institute for Social and Socio-Economic Research Tilburg University


D2: Pensions - Chair: Panos Tsakloglou


Jenny Säve-Söderbergh

Self-Directed Pensions: Gender, Risk and Portfolio Choices

Swedish Institute for Social Research, Stockholm University


Tarek Khaskhoussi

Evaluating Pension Reforms: The Effects of Combining Work With Pension Receipt on Individuals’ Retirement Decision and Financial Viability of PAYG System

Université du Maine


Panos Tsakloglou

Pension Incomes in the European Union: Policy Reform Strategies in Comparitive Perspective

Athens University of Economics and Business


Anne-Gisèle Privat - Cancelled

Retirement Pensions Inequalities to 2030: Gender or Income Effect?



D3: Parents to Children: Intergenerational Effects - Chair: Cheti Nicoletti


Erik Plug

Estimating Intergenerational Effects of Education: A Comparison of Methods

University of Amsterdam


Patrizio Piraino

Comparable Estimates of Intergenerational Income Mobility in Italy

University of Siena


Oivind Anti Nilsen

Worker Displacement and Offspring: Are there any Intergenerational Effects?

Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration


Cheti Nicoletti

Intergenerational Earnings Mobility: Trends across Cohorts in Britain

ISER Univerisity of Essex


D4: Specialization Within - Household Decisions - Chair: Terra McKinnish


Hiroshi Ono - Cancelled

Specialization and Marital Happiness

Stockholm School of Economics


Mette Lausten

Intrahousehold Specialization in Housework - A Cross-Country Application to Time Diary and Questionnaire Data

The Danish National Institute of Social Research


Mette Gørtz

Household Production in the Family - Work or Pleasure?

University of Copenhagen


Terra McKinnish

Earnings and Spousal Mobility: Power Couples and Trailing Spouses

University of Colorado


D5: Labor Markets I - Chair: Peter Haan


Isabel Günther

Competitive and Segmented Informal Labor Markets

University of G¨ottingen


Jochen Kluve - Cancelled

The Effectiveness of European Active Labor Market Policy



Xiaoyang Li  - Cancelled

Does the Brain Drain Lead to Institutional Gain? A Cross Country Empirical Investigation

Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia, Canada


Peter Haan

Making Work Pay' in a Rationed Labour Market: the Mini-Job Reform in Germany

DIW Berlin, FU Berlin


D6: Occupational Sorting for Job Choice - Chair: Holger Bonin


Alexandros Zangelidis

Job-to-Job and Job-to-Non-Employment Transitions: Does Education Matter? A Cross-Country Comparison

University of Aberdeen


Espen Bratberg

Decreasing Job Stability in Norway?

University of Bergen


Jacques Silber

The Concept of Shapley Decomposition and the Study of Occupational Segregation: Methodological Considerations with an Application to Swiss Data

Bar-Ilan University


Holger Bonin

Cross-sectional Earnings Risk and Occupational Sorting: The Role of Risk Attitudes



D7: Marriage and Migration - Chiar: Anne Solaz


Vibeke Jakobsen

Marriage Migrants from Turkey and Pakistan on the Danish Labour Market

Academy of Migration Studies in Denmark (AMID) and Danish National Institute of Social Research (SFI)


Birgitta Rabe

Dual-Earner Migration in Britain

Ruhr-University Bochum


Anne Solaz

Professional Consequences of Couple Migration: Evidence from France



Johanna Åström

Sex and Migration: Who is the Tied Mover?

Umeå University


D8: Transfer Progams - Chair: Mattia Makovec


Ray Rees

Piecewise Linear Taxation and Earnings Related Transfer Programs


Michele Pellizzari

Welfare Magnets in Europe and the Costs of a Harmonised Social Assistance

IGIER-Bocconi, IZA and FRDB


Thomas Andren

Welfare Participation and Persistence

Göteborg University Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn


Mattia Makovec

Welfare Participation among Immigrants and Natives: Evidence from the Swedish Income Panel

Università Bocconi European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research


Università degli Studi di Verona -          

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