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Parallel Session C, Thurdays 16.00 - 18.00

C1: Wealth and Income Inequality - Chair: Edward Wolff


Sherrie Kossoudji

Rooms of Ones Own: Gender, Race and Home Ownership as Wealth Accumulation in the US

The University of Michigan


Nicolas Bauduin - Cancelled

Skill Dynamics, Inequality and Social Policies

Université de Lille


Edward Wolff

Household Wealth and the Measurement of Economic Well-Being in the United States

The Levy Economics Institute and New York University


C2: Human Capital - Chair: Barry R. Chiswick


U. Dhawan-Biswal

Reading Skills of Young Canadian Immigrants: The Effects of Length of Residency, Home Language Exposure and Schools

National Learning Policy Research Learning Policy Directorate


M. Blázquez Cuesta

Over-Education in Multilingual Economies: Evidence from Catalonia

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid


Tracy Regan

The Effects of Spanish-Language Background on Schooling and Achievement Test Scores

University of Miami


Barry R. Chiswick

Computer Skills, Destination Language Proficiency and the Earnings of Natives and Immigrants

University of Illinois at Chicago


C3: Fertility Decisions - Chair: Alicia Adsera


Concetta Rondinelli

Income and Childbearing Decisions: Evidence from Italy

Bocconi University, University of Essex


Christian Schmitt

Labour Market Integration and Fertility Decisions - a Comparison of Germany and the UK

DIW-Berlin, Koenigin-Luise


Roni Frish

The Effect of Child Allowances on Fertility in Israel

Bank of Israel


Alicia Adsera

Fertility Changes in Latin America in the Context of Economic and Political Uncertainty

University of Illinois at Chicago


C4: Workplace Practices - Chair: Rajshri Jayaraman


Rickard Eriksson

Parental leave in Sweden - the Effects of the Second Daddy Month

Swedish Institute for Social Research


Katharina Wrohlich

Labor Supply and Child Care Choices when Subsidized Child Care is Rationed -The Case of Germany

DIW Berlin and IZA


Marco Francesconi

The Impact of the “In Work” Benefit Reform in Britain on Married Couples: Theory and Evidence from Panel Data

University of Essex


Rajshri Jayaraman

Have New Workplace Practices and Information Technologies Increased Firm Productivity? Evidence from Linked Employer-Employee Data

Center for Economic Studies


C5: Job Search and Unemployment - Chair: Martin Zagler


Dan-Olof Rooth

Wage Effects of Search Methods for Immigrants and Natives: the Case of Sweden

Kalmar University


Arne Uhlendorff

Differences in Unemployment Dynamics between Migrants and Natives in Germany

DIW Berlin, IZA


Thomas Siedler

Parental Unemployment and Young People’s Right-Wing Extremism: Evidence from Germany

DIW Berlin and ISER University of Essex


Martin Zagler

New Technologies, Growth, Cycles, and Unemployment

Vienna University of Economics and B. A.


C6: Health and Labor Economics - Chair: Jean-Michel Etienne


Carol Propper - Cancelled

Is Being in a Good Labor Market Bad for Your Health? The Impact of Skills and the Labor Market on Quality and Productivity in a Panel of Hospitals

University of Bristol


Andreas Kuhn

Does Unemployment Make You Sick? Estimating the Causal Impact of Involuntary Job-Loss on Health

University of Zurich


Eskil Heinesen

Plant Closure and Hospitalization

University of Copenhagen


Jean-Michel Etienne

Health and Socio-Economic Status: Is it Measured income or Permanent Income that Matters?

Universite' Panthe'on-Assas


C7: Education Among Immigrants - Chair: Lionel Page


Gülay Özcan

Do Equal Educations Lead to Equal Opportunities? Students with Swedish and Immigrant Backgrounds within the Swedish Educational System

Stockholm University


Adam Briggs

Ethnic Segregation and the School Attainment Gap of England’s Ethnic Minorities

University of Bristol


Johanna Schneider

Return on Education for Immigrants: The Case of Highly Skilled Europeans in the United States

Institute for the Study of International Migration, Georgetown University


Lionel Page

Princeton or Prison? A Joint Analysis of School Achievement and Crime Rate for Children of Immigrants

University of Paris


C8: Consumer Markets - Chair: M. Mastrogiacomo


Paola De Agostini

The Relationship between Food Consumption and Socio-economic Status of the Family: Evidence among the British Population

University of Verona and ISER


Charles Grant

Informal Credit Markets, Judicial Costs and Consumer Credit: Evidence from Firm Level Data

University of Reading


D. A. Cobb-Clark

Racial and Ethnic Discrimination in Local Consumer Markets: Exploiting the Random Assignment of Military Personnel

Australian National University


M. Mastrogiacomo

Testing Consumers’ Asymmetric Reaction to Wealth Changes

CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis


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