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Parallel Session B, Thurdays 13.45 - 15.45

B1: Timing of Retirement - Chair: Rudolf Winter-Ebmer


Vincenzo Galasso

The Political Feasibility of Postponing Retirement

Università Bocconi


Roberto Leombruni

Employability of Older Workers in Italy and Europe

LABORatorio Revelli, Torino


Getinet Haile

Labour Market Transitions Among the Over 50s

Policy Studies Institute, London


Rudolf Winter-Ebmer

Too Old to Work, too Young to Retire

University of Linz


B2: Dimensions of Poverty - Chair: Catherine Sofer


David C. Ribar

The Persistence of Financial Strains among Low-Income Families: An Analysis of Multiple Indicators

The George Washington University


Magne Mogstad

On the Definition and Measurement of Transient and Chronic Poverty

Research Department, Statistics Norway


Catherine Sofer

Mood Effects and Individual Effects: Exploring Subjective Poverty in Russian Data

Paris 1 University


Hielke Buddelmeyer  - Cancelled

The Dynamics and Persistence of Income Poverty in Australia

Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research


B3: Working Women - Chair: Francois-Charles Wolff


Matthew Lindquist

Gender Wage Leadership

Swedish Institute for Social Research, Stockholm University


Melanie Lührmann

Market Work, Home Production, Consumer Demand and Unemployment among the Unskilled

IFS- Institute for Fiscal Studies


J. López de Lérida

The Impact of Exogenous Variation in Family Size on Women's Labor Force Participation

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile


Francois-Charles Wolff

Do Downward Transfers Enhance Maternal Labor Supply? Evidence from around Europe

University of Nantes


B4: Determinants of Wages - Chair: Sebastian Buhai


Avner Ahituv

How Do Marital Status, Work Effort and Wage Rates Interact?

University of Haifa


Lorenzo Cappellari

Earnings Instability and Tenure

Catholic University of Milan


Benoit Dostie

Wages, Productivity and Aging

Institute of applied economics, HEC Montreal


Sebastian Buhai

Returns to Seniority: Time or Rank

Tinbergen Institute, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and CCP Aarhus School of Business


B5: Out-of-Wedlock Children and Stepchildren -

Chair: Michael Kvasnicka 

John Ermisch

An Economic Analysis of the History of Bastardy in England

University of Essex

Olivia Ekert-JaffeDoes Community Property Discourage Unpartnered Births?

 Institut National d’Etudes Demographiques France


Richard Akresh - Cancelled

Risk, Network Quality and Family Structure: Child Fostering Decisions in Burkina Faso

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Michael Kvasnicka

Paternal Uncertainty and the Economics of Mating, Marriage, and Parental Investment in Children

Humboldt University Berlin


B6: Fertility - Chair: Cecile Wetzels


Holger Seebens

Bargaining over Fertility in Rural Ethiopia

University of Goettingen and Center for Development Research, Bonn


Jungho Kim

Theory and Evidence of the Effect of Modern Contraceptives on Birth Spacing

Vienna Institute of Demography


Rodrigo Cerda

PAYG Social Security, Fertility and Labor Supply

Pontifical Catholic University of Chile


Cecile Wetzels

Migration Background and Human Capital of Parents to Be

University of Amsterdam


B7: Temporary Migration - Chair: J. Mestres-Domènech


Quamrul Ahsan

Temporary Migration and Labour Supply: Theory and Tests

University of Bergen

Thomas K. BauerThe Savings Behavior of Temporary and Permanent Migrants in Germany

 RWI-Essen, Ruhr-University Bochum, IZA and CEPR London


Maja Micevska  - Cancelled

Seasonal Migration

University of Klagenfurt


J. Mestres-Domènech

A Dynamic Model of Return Migration

University College London


B8: Topics in Population Economics - Chair: Evelyn Korn


Jens Bonke

Time and Money - Substitutes in Real Terms and Complements in Satisfactions

Danish National Institute of Social Research

Giam Pietro Cipriani Productivity or Discrimination? Beauty and the Exams

 University of Verona, Italy


Sonia Bhalotra

Religion and Death in India

University of Bristol, UK


Evelyn Korn

Hermaphroditism: What’s Not to Like?

Columbia University, Philipps-Universitat Marburg


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