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Parallel Session A, Thurdays 10.30 - 12.30

A1: Production of Education - Chair: Juanna Schrøter Joensen


Hendrik Jürges

Age at School Entry and Teacher's Recommendations for Secondary School Track Choice in Germany

University of Mannheim


Dmitri Romanov

Does Israel's Technology Track Pass the Test? Evidence from a Propensity Score Matching Estimation Study

Central Bureau of Statistics


Paul Bingley

The Effects of School Class Size on Length of Post-Compulsory Education: Some Cost-Benefit Analysis

University of Aarhus


Juanna Schrøter Joensen

Is There a Causal Effect of High School Math on Labor Market Outcomes?

University of Aarhus


A2: Wage Differentials - Chair: Tobias Müller


Amelie Constant

The Gender Gap Reloaded: Is School Quality Linked to Labor Market Performance?



Jan C. van Ours

Hours of Work and Gender Identity: Does Part-time Work Make the Family Happier?

Australian National University


Fatma Bircan

Inequality in the Wages of Male Wage Earners in Turkey 1994-2002: A Quantile Regression Analysis

Karaelmas University, Middle East Technical University


Tobias Müller

Wage Inequality and Segregation between Native and Immigrant Workers in Switzerland: Evidence Using Matched Employee-Employer Data

University of Geneva


A3: Labor Market Programs - Chair: Juan Cañada Vicinay


Brian Krogh Graversen

Employment Effects of Different Sequences of Active Labour Market Programmes

The Danish National Institute of Social Research


Marco Leonardi

The Effects of Employment Protection Legislation on Wages: Evidence from Italy

University of Milan and IZA


Ott Toomet

Threat Effect of the Labour Market Programmes in Denmark: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Aarhus University


Juan Cañada Vicinay

The Employability of Older Workers in a Dual Labor Market: Assessing the Measures Taken in Spain since 2000

University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain


A4: Substance Use - Chair: Silvia Tiezzi


Eleni Raptou

A Microeconometric Investigation of Cigarette Consumption: Evidence from Greece

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Roger Wilkins

The Effects of Smoking Ban Regulations on Individual Smoking Rates

The University of Melbourne


Daniela Vuri

Smoking Habits: Like Father, Like Son, Like Mother, Like Daughter

IDEGA , Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, University of Florence, CHILD and IZA


Silvia Tiezzi

Addiction and the Interaction between Alcohol and Tobacco Consumption

University of Siena


A5: Women's Labor Supply - Chair: Konstantinos Tatsiramos


Mary Gregory

Moving Down? Women’s Part-time Work and Occupational Change in Britain 1991-2001

University of Oxford


Maria Gutiérrez-Domènech - Cancelled

Female Labour Force Participation in the United Kingdom: Evolving Characteristics or Changing Behaviour?

Bank of England


Lutz C. Kaiser

Female Labor Market Transitions in Europe



Konstantinos Tatsiramos

Employment Dynamics of Married Women in Europe



A6: Infant and Child Health - Chair: Lorenzo Guarcello


Anu Rammohan

The Link Between Infant Mortality and Child Nutrition in India: Is There any Evidence of Gender Bias?

University of Sydney


Wiji Arulampalam

Changing Neighbourhood and Infant Mortality in Rural India

University of Warwick


Marcus Tamm

The Effect of Poverty on the Health of Newborn Children - Evidence from Germany

RWI Essen and Ruhr-University Bochum


Lorenzo Guarcello - Cancelled

Measuring Vulnerability of Children in Developing Countries. An Application to Guatemala

C.E.I.S. University of Rome


A7: Migration and Migrant Networks - Chair: Hillel Rapoport


Helmut Rainer

O Brother, Where Art Thou? The Effects of Having a Sibling on Geographic Mobility and Labor Market Outcomes

School of Economics and Finance, University of St Andrews, St Salvator’s College


Leila Baghdadi  - Cancelled

Mexico-U.S. Migration: Do Spatial Networks Matter?

Université Paris


Michèle Belot

Friendship Ties and Geographical Mobility, Evidence from the BHPS

University of Essex


Hillel Rapoport

Self-selection Patterns in Mexico-U.S. Migration: The Role of Migrant Networks

Bar-Ilan University and CADRE, University of Lille II


A8: Unintended Consequences - Chair: Robert Pollak


Olivier Bargain

A Theory of Child Targeting



Hélène Couprie

The Unintended Effects of Targeting Women

GREMAQ, Université Toulouse


Robert Pollak

Inefficiency in Families

Washington University in St. Louis


Greg Clydesdale - Cancelled

Immigrant Business Policy: An Erroneous Model of Entrepreneurial Behaviour

Massey University- Albany Private Bag




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